At Betts Kelly Lodge we’ve been guiding hunts for over twenty five years!

A varied terrain around the lodge provides a habitat popular with moose, bear, and upland birds.  We maintain a wide range of baited sites, and have many stands and blinds from which to hunt.  All hunting packages include accommodations in one of our comfortable, full log cabins, hearty home cooked meals, transportation, and an experienced guide.  Ask us about our combination hunt/fish packages.

Licence fees are extra.  For details and pricing call Keith Betts at 1-506-365-7602

This hunt begins on May 9 and goes to June 24.  Hunter has his choice of bow, rifle or muzzleloader.  This is by far our biggest and most successful hunt.  We place over 85 well baited sites in three hunting zones.  We are woodsmen and trappers so we know all the best sites for bear.  Our guides and myself put out tons of bait so each hunter has a good active site.  Special rates for groups and father and son.  All inclusive package, arrive on Sunday and stay six nights, leaving on Saturday morning, 3 homecooked meals daily from Monday to Friday, and a licensed guide and transportation to and from bait sites.  License is extra.

Fall Black Bear Hunt

This is a great time of year to be in the woods hunting.  No bugs and no other hunters to bother you.  This season is five weeks for 2016 beginning around the first of September.  We keep several baits going all summer, so these sites are very active.  If you are a bowhunter this is the hunt for you, 90- 100% success!  You can also combine this hunt with salmon fishing on the world famous Miramichi River.

Moose Hunt

During the month of September we have our annual three day moose hunt.  Dates for 2015 were September 22 – 26.  Our lodge is located in the heart of moose country so our success is 90 to 100%.  We have taken some very nice trophy bulls over the years.  You can expect racks in the 36″ to a high 50″ range with body weights of 800 lbs to over 1000 lbs.  We hunt three zones for moose.  Zone 13, 17, and 12.  We scout clear cuts, beaver ponds, and along rivers and brooks.  We find the best locations to set up and call as this season is during the rut.  For a great hunt come and give us a try.  You will not be disappointed.  Perhaps you may also want to come a few days early and combine your hunt with salmon fishing on the famous Miramichi River.

Upland Birds – Grouse and Woodcock

Woodcock hunting season starts  around September 15th and Grouse starts October 1st. We have very good covers for upland birds and our 2020 season saw a record number of ruffled grouse.

Bring your dog, or let our guide supply you with a dog. Pheasant hunting is also available.
Make the most of the Mimamichi and combine this hunt with some salmon fishing!

Information for Hunters

The cost for transporting a gun into Canada is $25.00 CDN. All guests bringing a firearm into Canada must have a Non-Resident Firearm Declaration Form (CAFC 909 Form) filled out and ready to sign in front of custom officers upon entry into Canada. We are happy to send these forms to our guests. The forms can also be attained online at the Canadian Firearms Centre, or by calling 1-800-731-4000 in Canada and the USA, and 1-506-624-5380 outside Canada and the USA.

Visitors should be sure to check non-restricted firearm and restricted firearm definitions.

Non-resident hunting licenses can be purchased at the NB Department of Natural Resources and Energy Main Street in Doaktown.