The Miramichi River is famous for fishing. Whether you are an experienced fisher or you are new to the sport you’ll be sure to enjoy your stay at Betts Lodge. We’re set right on the bank of the Southwest Miramichi River – so close that from the deck of the Brook Cabin you can see the salmon jumping. Bring your own equipment and accessories!

Spring Salmon Fishing

Our season begins with Spring Salmon season opening on April 15, or as soon as the the ice goes out of the river.  This is a one on one fishing trip, and it is all inclusive.  All meals, accommodations, and guides are provided.  You’re going to love the home cooked meals, and the ease of walking down the stairs to meet your guide with boat and motor ready at the river.

As we are located on the bank of the Southwest Miramichi River, we often catch spring salmon within sight of the lodge.

For details and pricing call us at 1-877-598-2388 or email us at

Wake Up Fishin’!

A four-hour guided fly fishing trip, this package includes a one-day adventure fishing license (catch and release). Equipment, refreshment and snack are included.

Half day – $200 per person. Full day, including lunch, – $350 per person.

*Prices do not include lunch.

Summer Fishing Resident Package

Enjoy two nights accommodation in a full housekeeping cottage and fish private pool!

$300 per person per day; based on double occupancy.

Summer & Fall Fishing

This season begins end of June and runs to October 15.  Our best fishing is usually in July when the runs of fresh salmon start coming.  We have our own private pools for our guests.  We have excellent riverside accommodations, guides and meals.

Fishing License Information

Non-resident fishing licenses can be purchased from the Natural Resources Office in Doaktown, or at Betts Lodge upon request. Resident licenses are available from the Natural resources office in Doaktown.

Spring fishing opens April 15, and summer salmon fishing starts around the first week of June. When the season opens in April it runs right through to the end of fall fishing (October 15).  Be sure to check fishing summaries to see which rivers are open and for what dates.

License Fees 2015

Non-resident Salmon and Trout License Fees

3-day License $59.89 CDN (2 tags)
7-day License $113.00 CDN (4 tags)
Season License $195.49 CDN (8 tags)

Resident Salmon and Trout Fishing License Fees

Season License $40.68 (8 tags)
Senior’s (65+) $22.60 (8 tags)

Non-resident Trout License Fees

3-day license $33.90
7-day license $46.33
Season license $72.32

Resident Trout License Fees

Season License $25.99
Senior’s (65+) $16.95

Children under 16 can fish on their parents license.

The limit for trout is five per person per day, and it is requested that trout be at least 7” for keepers. For non-residents a guide is required for trout fishing on the main river, but not for trout fishing in streams and brooks.
The limit for salmon is one per license per day, depending upon license and tags issues. All salmon need to be tagged and checked for regulation sizes and weights. A guide is required for non-resident salmon fishing in the province of New Brunswick.